Thursday, September 6, 2012

Consider When Creating Labels For Clothes

Perhaps, you are opening a clothing line business with the help of some friends. One of the details that would need your attention is the creation of labels for clothes. This is one aspect of the business that needs your artistic skills as well. It needs your best efforts as the tags will reflect your business and carry the information by which customers could contact you.
If you are planning to do this on your own, think again. You might want to gather all the members of your creative team to ensure that you get the best ideas for your label. Say, you do not have a creative team. Ask a trusted friend over to brainstorm with you - as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.
Do you have a business logo? Most labels for clothes are patterned after business logos. They are, in fact, simplified forms of these emblems. If you have a complicated emblem, you can just consider the initials of your company name. Observe other popular brands of clothes. Some of their tags just hold the first letter of the creator's first or last name. This is for practicality purposes. Obviously, a complicated design requires much time and thread for stitching.
When choosing the colors and symbols you wish to incorporate, make sure that they are related to your company or the signature design of your clothes. A couple of hues is ideal. Using three shades is maximum; more than that you will have confusion at hand. Inclusion of a border and a symbol is also a great way to decorate your label. Ensure though that you will choose just one. In the case that you need them both, select an image that is small enough to complement your border and your business initials. The same must be observed in the creation of your swing tags.
If you want your clothing line more professional looking, write your business name in cursive and make this the pattern for your label. Just make sure that the way you wrote it is readable and easy to stitch. Instead of your business name, you can also write your name in scrip. It can be your whole name or just your first name or last name. Remember that your signature will be embroidered or printed many times and so make it legible as possible.
Although you want to be unique with your clothing tag, it is best for you to stick with the basic shapes available. Non-traditional shapes of labels for clothes may not be very practical on your end. For one, the designing of the tag could be very challenging if there is uneven space where you would stitch your company name and the image you have chosen. More so, a rectangular or square cloth tag look sophisticated than any other shape you can think of. If you find this chore difficult for you to handle, then, simply hire a printing services company that can do this on your behalf.

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