Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Top Catering Options for a Wedding

Three of the most popular catering choices for a wedding include the finger buffet, the hot buffet and the sit down meal. Consider the type of reception you are having in trying to decide what type of meal would be best to serve your guests.
A finger buffet is a no-fuss catering option that works very well for many different venues. When selecting finger foods, offer more than one menu choice if you are able to. The place where you are holding the reception may offer you three or four menu choices, but if you are catering for a large group, such as 100 or more, you may wish to provide your guests with more options.
If you are offered a choice of what menu you would like, mixing and matching foods is always a good idea. You can peruse the menu that is provided to you and from there, select the finger food that would be most appetizing for your guests. This will provide everyone in attendance with a larger selection of foods from which to enjoy.
A venue that does not allow you to have a say in the choices for the finger buffet may not be the optimum choice for your reception. It is your wedding and you are paying for it so you want to be able to make the decisions related to it.
A hot buffet is another catering option for a wedding that is popular but will cost you more than the finger buffet. This choice would be a good daytime catering choice as well as an evening one. It would suit any couple on their wedding day because it offers something for everyone.
You can include on the hot buffet anything that suits your fancy and is within your price range. Sweet and sour chicken, lasagna, shepherd's pie or chilli make excellent choices for the main dishes.
The hot buffet would not be complete without an assortment of side dishes. These dishes compliment whatever main dish is the centerpiece for the meal. Some options for side dishes include rice, potatoes, French fries and vegetables (such as pea, carrots and corn). You may also wish to have rolls, biscuits or garlic bread.
In the case of a hot buffet, the guests can get up from their tables and serve themselves. Service time is relatively fast when people have the option of picking out their own food.
The sit down meal is a popular option for wedding catering but not as popular as it was a decade ago. This is a traditional means of serving a meal at a wedding but the potential for errors is great (slow service, cold food) and it can be rather dull.

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